Why is Coleman Evanston Screened Tent Highly Recommended?

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Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Are you looking for a screen tent for your next enjoyable camping trip with a fully screened front porch? Which is also attractive, lightweight, easy to setup, hold up and take down, with a maximum weather protection? Then, look no more, because Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is the answer. This screen tent has impressive design which is great tent for families, scout groups, and extended camping excursions.

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Coleman Evanston Screened Tent Product Features

The following are the features of this screen tent:

  • Fully Screened Front Porch
Screen Tent

Fully Screened Front Porch

This spacious screen tent features a fully screened front porch and privacy wings that help you totally enjoy your family camp outs in comfort. This screen tent offers great outdoor living space to enjoy the fresh air without bugs and insects. The extremely large front porch is great to keep the bedroom clean of dirt.

The wholly screened front porch area is incredible for the long summer days when you want to relax in the tent with your family rather than explore your neighborhood. Grab a drink and an outdoor chair, and watch nature unfold before your eyes with this screen tent.

Alternatively, the front porch can be used for extra sleeping space at nights or  makes a great place to store camping gear which you want to keep dry.

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  • Easy to Set-up

This screen tent is designed for easy set up and take down. It has an exclusive Pin-and-Ring design, along with Insta-Clip attachments and has continuous pole sleeves and comes with a fiberglass pole. The snag-free, continuous pole sleeves mean you only have to feed the poles once, which reduces setup time. It only takes as little as 10-15 minutes to set up.

When it’s time to go home, the screen tent fits into an included carry bag for easy storage and transport.

  • WeatherTec™ System

If it rains, Exclusive WeatherTec System guaranteed to keep you dry. This screen tent uses durable waterproof tub floor with patented corner welds and protected seams to help keep water out.

Rainfly seams use Velcro attachments and are taped for superior leak protection and a zipper Protection stops leaks entering the doors.

Features include a Wind Strong frame for high resistance against heavy winds. Each WeatherTec tent is engineered and tested in a specially constructed wind machine and “rain” room to withstand severe storm conditions. The strong frame is tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds.

And the great news for you is that Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is now the tent sale.

  • Spacious
screen tent


The interior floor space of this screen tent is 14 ft x 10 ft with a center height of 68 inches, which provides enough space to fit in two queen sized airbeds at a squeeze and storage pockets help to keep your small items well organized. 6 individuals can be accommodated inside the tent.

  • Polyester Taffeta 75D

For high durability the screen tent fly is made of 75D polyester taffeta, while the floor is made from 1000D polyethylene. Tent body is made of coated polyester brought together with anti-wicking thread, webbing, and zippers.

  • 4 Large Windows for Maximum Ventilation

This Colemen screen tent features four large windows for maximum ventilation. Awnings over the windows create ventilation without letting in any rain. They protect from rain and sun. The adjustable ventilation, and privacy vent window are to keep campers inside dry and comfortable.

  • Additional Features

Additional features include an electrical access port so you can hook up to a power generator for powering equipment like lights or a portable TV.

A deluxe carrying bag comes with the tent. It’s nicely sized so packing the tent away isn’t frustrating.

Instructions sewn into the tent’s durable carry bag.
Guarantee: 1-year limited warranty.

Affordable price for the quality.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent Customer Reviews

Very Pleased

Great Tent, upgraded from a 3 man to this for more room(with 2-4 people) and its perfect.

Can easily fit a queen and twin air matresses, (2 queens as stated will fit but its very tight).
1 queen with bags/equip leaves still plenty of room(usually how i use it.)

Outside screened porch is awesome. great design for you to relax outside but not get bug-bitten. Great place to keep any other outside belongings overnight also. Porch is same plastic bottom as the rest of the tent floor, with drainage for any water/rain. Rainfly doesnt cover all of the porch, but a good amount of it, over half. (screened area WILL get wet during hard rain/wind).

Tent holds up in rain well, had 2 hours of torrential downpour first time i used it, and stayed 99% dry, (after 2 hours the inside of the rainfly at the top was slightly wet, and the wind-side seam had a few drops.) nothing seamsealer/waterproof spray wouldn’t prevent. tub-floor stayed totally dry also. winds reached 20mph during the rain, (gusts even higher) and tent held up fine.

One thing that people may not like is the backwall/window, which is screened from the top of the tent to half way down, with no zip-close flap. provides lots of circulation, but as another reviewer said, sometimes it isn’t a good thing. I dont mind it, the rainfly covers the entire window completely and then some. The side windows are a good size screen, with zipper close flaps.

May upload pictures/video of the tent for better perspective. If your upgrading from a smaller tent, and liked the porch, and the cost isn’t too big of a concern, then i would hands down get this tent again. I think its well worth the money.

Surprised by how much I like this tent….

Was never really a big fan of Coleman tents due to the very heavy weight of the fiberglass poles, but for the price of them I get it.
That said, I was pleasantly surprised by this tent, even alone it was easy to put up and held up very well in a heavy downpour with strong gusty winds, even when two tree branches came down on it! It’s very roomy for 2 and still comfortable for 4 if you must but at 1 person it’s a palace!!! There have been some complaints on the screen room from being slanted in-ward at top and rain getting in to build up of water in the floor. I myself did not have any problems, yes the rain will come in but I have to say I know why they did it, in my opinion at least. The views are incredible from laying on a pad on the floor. My Coleman 4 in 1 mattress pump died so I used my backpacking pad which is only 3″ high and with the door open to the screen room I could see the whole sky. Watching the lighting and the rain come down the trees waving, it was really cool & scary at the same time!! Ha ha. Totally worth a little rain in the screen room area, the rest of the tent was bone dry. To maximize the useable area in the screen room I also used 2 backpacking chairs from Alite Mantis, which gave serious head room along with 2 dogs and a 70 QT cooler with room left over. The built in awnings over the windows in the main tent are nice to keep rain out but do block your view a bit. One tip when pitching tent if you make the area on the floor at back of screen room to tight the floor will raise up a little and you’ll be tripping on it going in and out of main living quarters. Yup, I made it too tight!! Also would probably replace guy line with reflective ones for night time trips to the potty or if you drink a lot of alcohol!! I agree that replacing the tent stakes is a must for a strong secure pitch. The photos are just more for seeing it pitched, not so much for stuff inside it as it was a quick test run before a trip. Hope they help. Oh and the grey poles with rubber tips are for the peak to open the awnings up.


We’ve already done researches and spent a lot of time on this screen tent for you,


And the good news for you is that Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is now the tent sale. It gives you a big discount if you order now.
screen tent

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